Project Description

Recycled Water Recharge Groundwater Investigation – Helendale, CA

Helendale Community Services District (2009 – 2010)

Helendale Project fig 1TH&Co developed and implemented a groundwater investigation to assess groundwater quality impacts associated with treated wastewater discharges near a wastewater treatment plant near the Mojave River in Helendale, California. Discharge from the wastewater treatment plant was recharging the groundwater system. TH&Co developed a groundwater investigation and monitoring program to assess nitrate impacts from the treatment plant. The investigation and monitoring program was approved by the Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board. TH&Co provided onsite inspection services for the collection of CPT/Hydropunch® data as well as monitoring well data.

Helendale figure 2.
Project Highlights and Accomplishments:
• Initial reconnaissance data collection and development of an anti-degradation analysis and report;
• Preparation of a detailed site investigation and long-term monitoring work plan;
• Site inspection during the collection of soil and groundwater quality data from six CPT/Hydropunch® locations;
• Monitoring groundwater levels in existing area monitoring wells;
• Preparation of reports summarizing the work.