Project Description

Recycled Water Recharge Basin Monitoring

Inland Empire Utilities Agency (2008 – 2010)

Managed Resources - Thomas Harder & Co.Overview:
TH&Co provided hydrogeological design and site inspection services for the siting and construction of three monitoring wells and two lysimeter clusters for the San Sevaine and Victoria artificial recharge basins in Rancho Cucamonga. The monitoring features were constructed to enable the IEUA to spread recycled water in the recharge basins.

Project Highlights and Accomplishments:

  • Identification of suitable sites for monitoring wells and lysimeters.
  • Preparation of detailed technical specifications.
  • Site inspection and design for three monitoring wells, each drilled to a total depth of approximately 750 ft.
  • Site inspection and design for two lysimeter clusters within the basin bottoms, each cluster consisting of seven separate lysimeters.
  • Preparation of reports summarizing the work.

This project was conducted with funding from the American Resource Recovery Act. As such, the project was under an accelerated schedule and fixed budget. TH&Co successfully completed the project within the schedule and budget.

Dollar Amount: $150,000