Project Description

Packer Testing of Wells SUP-4 and SUP-6 – Bakersfield, CA

Rosedale-Rio Bravo Water Storage District (2016)

In partnership with the Irvine Ranch Water District and Castaic Lake Water Agency, Rosedale-Rio Bravo Water Storage District constructed SUP-4 and SUP-6 in 2015 to depths of 800 and 940 ft bgs, respectively. Arsenic concentrations in the initial samples exceeded the MCL. TH&Co conducted onsite observation during the installation of inflatable packers in the wells to seal off the lowermost perforated intervals to determine changes in arsenic concentrations and specific capacities. TH&Co conducted a step-drawdown test on each of the wells and collected groundwater samples at the end of each test to check arsenic levels. Based on this testing, it was recommended to backfill SUP-4 with cement to seal off the high arsenic contributing aquifer.

Project Highlights and Accomplishments:

  • Installation of depth-specific inflatable packers
  • Analyzed changes in arsenic and specific capacities due to packers
  • Step-drawdown tests on each of the wells
  • Collected groundwater samples
  • Preparation of reports summarizing the work.