Project Description

Depth-Specific Well Testing, New Clay Well – Murrieta, CA

Western Municipal Water District (2008)

WMWD New Clay Well Project

TH&Co designed a depth-specific water quality sampling program for the New Clay Well in order to assess changes in arsenic concentrations at various screened intervals within the well. The results of the testing were used to provide a recommendation for installing a packer to lower the arsenic concentrations in the discharge water. After an inflatable packer was installed, TH&Co conducted pumping tests and groundwater quality sampling. The installation of the inflatable packer was effective at sealing off the perforated intervals of the well that had contributed arsenic to the discharge.

Project Highlights and Accomplishments:

  • Installation of depth-specific inflatable packers
  • Successfully sealed off arsenic-contributing perforations
  • Step-drawdown test and constant rate
  • Collected groundwater samples
  • Preparation of reports summarizing the work.