Project Description

North Well Rehabilitation and Testing

Western Municipal Water District (2014)

North Well LinerOverview:
In order to mitigate sand production in Western Municipal Water District’s North Well, TH&Co was retained to develop a rehabilitation program for the well. After review of an initial video log, holes were observable in a perforated portion of the casing. TH&Co developed a rehabilitation plan that included swaging a patch liner into the perforated casing opposite the hole.

TH&Co provided a full range of onsite inspection and reporting services during rehabilitation including:

  • Initial removal of debris and bailing of the well
  • Initial and confirmation down hole videos
  • Mechanical rehabilitation by wire brushing
  • Inspection and analysis of CITM
  • Swaging a liner into a perforated section of the well

The rehabilitation program developed by TH&Co was successful at mitigating the sand content in the discharge from the well.